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What is Wound Care?

A wound is often more than skin deep and can impair normal mobility, lead to infections and cause other serious illnesses. No matter what type of injury has caused a wound, it’s important to get proper care to prevent complications and long-term damage. Vetras’ wound care is designed to successfully treat your wounds so you can return to your normal, active life.

Our Approach

Complete Wound Healing

Successfully treating a wound requires a careful assessment of your entire state of health.

Vetras’ highly skilled team evaluates your condition and devises a treatment plan for optimal healing.

Working together, our nurses, certified wound specialists, wound-clinic practitioners and therapists use the latest technology and methods to accelerate your recovery and prevent further complications.

Wound Care Home

Wound-Treatment Protocols

Before sending you home, we carefully review your nutrition and show you how to prevent future problems at home. Vetras’ wound-treatment protocols include:

  • Collaboration with associated wound-care clinics
  • Consultations from certified wound-care specialists
  • In-depth assessment to ensure appropriate healing and prevention measures
  • Specialized equipment and new technologies that accelerate healing

The skilled nursing team at Vetras can help heal your wound and get your life back on track.

Areas of Expertise

Our Wound Care Professionals and skilled nursing team have a wide range of specialties, and are especially experienced in treating the following:

  • Amputations
  • Arterial ulcers
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Skin or wound infections
  • Surgical site Incisions/wounds
  • Vascular ulcers

If you have a wound needing professional care, contact Vetras Healthcare today for a treatment plan that will help you recover quickly.

Wound Care Home

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