For those who are aging and/or developing Alzheimer’s or dementia, moving about their home can be tough. Here are some Elder Home Safety tips to consider.

Easy Checks

– fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

– the temperature of the water heater

– emergency call numbers

Potentially Remove

– weapons

– alcohol

– extra medications

– machinery keys

Easy Home Changes

– remove or move extra furniture

– remove clutter

– put non-skid mats under area rugs

– tack up exposed cords

– add a shower chair

– install a gate for stairs

Larger Home Changes

– install railings

– carpet on stairs or mark the edges

– pad sharp corners of furniture

– install removable shower head


According to the National Institute of Health, if a family member is developing Alzheimers or dementia, there will be more modifications needed for their sensitive senses. For example:

– taking down busy curtains or artwork

– make sure tv volume is loud enough

– put away things like toothpaste, lotion, shaving cream, etc.

– utilize signs (Stop!, Very Hot, Bathroom, etc.)

– paint the walls brighter colors to contrast the floors

– remove knives, scissors, razors, etc.

If you or a family member can no longer stay in their home, Vetras offers award winning long-term memory care. If you have questions, feel free to contact us.