Vetras offers a variety of healthcare options, long-term and short-term care being two of many. When thinking about seeking care for yourself or your family it is important to be educated to make the best decision. No matter what kind of care you need, we can provide personalized services focused on your needs.

Short-Term Care

– Temporary or transitional

– Focused on outcomes

– Includes therapy, including but no limited to, physical, occupational and emotional

– May be required at any age

As the name suggests, short-term or transitional care is a temporary service. This can be done from your home or as an inpatient and can take anywhere from weeks to months. Short-term care refers to the care needed after a major surgery, illness, a fall, etc. This type of care is goal-focused, commonly it is to regain strength, relieve pain or heal. Short-term care is often service orientated meaning physical or occupational therapy and rehab yet, can require custodial care and assisting with activities of daily life as well.

Long-Term Care

– Palliative care

– Comfort-focused

– Includes Amenities, such as hair salons, exercise facilities, spiritual services, music programs, etc.

– Typically for older adults and seniors

In contrast to short-term care, long term care is often permanent or life long, focused on the individuals comfort and offers amenities that short-term care doesn’t. Long-term care commonly offers 24-hour service to patients who have difficulty accomplishing daily tasks on their own.

Services such as physical therapy are still offered under long-term care as well to maintain quality of life for each individual. An important part of long-term care is getting residents comfortable in their new home. We want each person to be happy, healthy. and relaxed. Because of that, long-term care also offers more amenities than short-term care. For example, social, holiday and celebration activities, spiritual services, salon services, banking opportunities and many more.

At Vetras, our staff focuses on providing award winning services, no matter what type of care you or your loved one needs. If you would like to know more about our care, or have questions, contact us.